User Experience Design

Develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions.

Design the best customer experience with the right mix of technology and human emotion.

User Experience (UX) Design is more than just recording prompts for your IVR with a voice that “sounds good” or designing a call flow that gets the customer where they need to go. UX design develops clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and businesses through a variety of applications. An effective communication interface is intuitive. It is efficient, saving customers’ time and keeping their frustration levels down. UX Design provides a connection that is clear and easy to understand, giving the customer a positive experience.


Chrysalis offers a focused UX Design process to enhance the quality of each interaction a customer has with your company – which then drives increased satisfaction and loyalty. Our team of UX experts dig deep into understanding the behaviors of your customers to identify areas for satisfaction and productivity improvements throughout your IVR call flow. Whether you are creating a new approach or looking to improve and revamp an existing experience, we are confident that we can uncover critical areas of opportunity.


Chrysalis 3 Phase UX Design Process

Chrysalis provides an expert evaluation of usage data, structure, and persona design to enable our specialists to get a clear picture of overall performance. Our approach is very data-driven with real-world results.

Our experts focus on possible solutions and then deliver specific recommendations related to detailed call flow dialog design and usability testing.

Testing the design and dialogs are key to ensuring that the recommendations will produce real bottom line results. This includes conducting a pilot test, data monitoring and periodic reviews to ensure that the new design delivers expected performance results.

Whether you are adding speech or re-working your existing DTMF call flow to improve customer experience, our mission is to deliver a solutions that solves problems, produces positive customer interactions and is strategically designed to increase productivity and efficiency.

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