April 26, 2017

User Experience Design and the Emotion Connection

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Why would you ever need to think about human emotions when you’re focusing on your company’s IVR performance? What in the world do they have to do with each other? Aren’t there already enough factors you need to worry about when looking at improving the performance of your IVR?

It turns out that people’s emotions matter a lot! If you pay attention to how your IVR makes a customer feel while they are engaged, you are on your way to understanding how to create a loyal and happy customer – who will be back.

User Experience Design Adjustments to your IVR

When analyzing the functions of your IVR, consider who your users are as you look at how you might make it easier to use, more accessible and friendlier. Think about how the customer’s experience can be enhanced by studying the typical user’s behaviors as they conduct their business.

Once you have gathered data about your customer, figure out what you can do to make the process less cumbersome and more streamlined. There is nothing worse than making a person go through a long and involved procedure to come up with an obvious conclusion. Ensuring customers are happy and satisfied and feel as though their business is being taken care of efficiently is critical. Simplify the process. Sometimes just adding speech to an application can greatly improve the user experience.

Don’t assume that you’re done when you have implemented your newly identified method designed to keep the customer pleased while interacting with your IVR platform. Testing, monitoring and fine tuning are all part of a successful user experience design enhancement. You want to be sure that your customer will be able to appreciate your efforts in their encounters with your newly modified IVR.

Happy customers tend to be loyal customers. Take a look at your IVR and take human emotions into account when you are making these vital user experience design enhancement.