February 28, 2018

The OmniChannel Experience

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Technology has never been so integrated into our daily lives.  Look around you…how many internet-connected devices are within arm’s reach?  These devices are only going to become more important with each passing day. So yes, let’s start stocking up on the power strips now!  As we rely on our devices for our everyday needs, the lines between online and real life become blurred. Because of that, people are going to need more than one type of experience to stay engaged – an OmniChannel Experience.

What is an omnichannel experience exactly? Simply put, it’s a multi-channel approach to serving customers. It allows for an integrated and cohesive experience no matter which channel a customer uses to reach out. The multi-channel service can be taken to the next level with an omnichannel solution that integrates channels to provide a consistent customer experience. Essentially a multi-channel experience on steroids. For example, if a customer gets disconnected when using voice and decide to try online chat, this approach will allow them to pick up where they left off, never having to repeat themselves to each person they’re connected (or disconnected) to.

And why is this important? Why is it not!  For instance, if you’re not doing this, your competitors definitely are. Today’s customers, being hyper-connected, expect service from businesses on multiple channels including voice, email, SMS/text, web, mobile, and/or social media. For these customers it’s simple. They want to find an answer/solution as quickly as possible.

As more consumers adopt mobile devices and other technology, the lines between channels can blur – and customer expectations for ease of starting a support conversation in one channel, then continuing in another, become even higher.

Where multi-channel may have served the customer on more than one channel, it may not have integrated those channels. When companies leverage and integrate these channels, the customer then has a seamless experience in the palm of their hand keeping the customer happy.

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