Chrysalis Omnichannel in Contact Center
September 29, 2017

Reach Out and We’ll Be There – Omnichannel Customer Experience

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As you read this Blog, I bet there are several internet-connected devices within your reach. Our day-to-day activities have shifted to the point where it is hard to imagine not being linked-up – it even makes us nervous to be without that tether to cyberspace.

Contact centers have developed products and services to deal with this connected lifestyle using omnichannel engagement solutions. Designed to make use of multiple channels within a given transaction, an omnichannel customer experience can handle voice, text, email, chat, social media and more. The goal is to provide the customer with the optimum seamless experience by gathering context and information across all channels throughout the entire interaction.

As an example, if a customer went to a clothing outlet online and started a chat to ask about colors and then decided they wanted to speak to an agent about sizing details, they could switch into the contact center and have their information discussed so far follow them. The contact center agent would see the entire conversation in a screen pop and not have to ask the same questions again. They might even be able to offer suggestions on additional items that might be of interest to the customer!

So what does the Omnichannel Customer Experience do?  It transforms your satisfied customers into loyal customers and your loyal customers into advocates. It provides the right media at the right time, and then is flexible enough to allow a conversation to continue without interruption as a customer moves from one channel to another. And it offers a consistent and effective experience by keeping the context of the transaction fixed.

Once this one customer experience over several channels is complete, the solution continues, storing information about the interaction so that it may be used in a subsequent conversations. A customer is sure to notice that their preferences are recognized, leading to more personalized and even friendly communication.

Omnichannel Customer Experience is within the reach of all sizes of businesses today. Chrysalis Software provides technologies that empower businesses to connect with customers over multiple channels, anytime and anywhere. The result is superior efficiency, superior outcomes and superior user experiences.