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Customers are mobile.  Most contact center strategies are not.

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Chrysalis Mobile Framework delivers a seamless experience

Transfer Data Quickly and Efficiently

Typically, mobile and web solutions are not integrated with the contact center, requiring customers who need help to either start over or give up in frustration.  With the Chrysalis Mobile Framework, agents automatically receive customer account data and rich context directly from the mobile app – enabling them to more quickly resolve issues and preventing them from having to ask customers to repeat information.

Give your customers choices

Allow your customers to manage their contact center interaction. The Chrysalis Mobile Framework provides valuable information to the mobile user such as the wait time to speak with an agent.  Customers may then choose to remain in queue, schedule a callback, send a text message, request a chat or send an email.

Enhance customer interactions

Empower your Avaya Contact Center agents by passing context from the customer’s app directly to the agent via packaged integrations.  Recent usage and browsing history from your business’s mobile app or website can be viewed for further insight into the customer’s needs.  Photo and video interaction is also available for more effective customer support.

Reporting and Analytics

The Chrysalis Mobile Framework integration also unifies mobile usage data with your Avaya contact center analytics for unparalleled reporting and visibility into your end-to-end customer service.  Track a connection from the second the mobile app launches to final issue resolution with an agent.

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