Chrysalis Notification Service

Customers are contacted with information they need by outbound notifications from Chrysalis Notification Service.

Proactive messaging builds loyalty.

A Chrysalis Notification Service campaign is comprised of a list on contacts and set of rules for how those contacts are to be reached. Application-defined information can be sent on a one-by-one basis or broadcast to tens of thousands of recipients. Campaign parameters can be configured such as the data (name, account number, etc.) to be passed to the outbound application.

Chrysalis Notification Service is extremely flexible and supports a wide range of notifications. Examples include informing pharmacy customers that a prescription is ready or notifying students of a snow day. Other types of notifications include warning utility customers of a scheduled outage with restoration notifications or announcing a 48-hours sale to the customer base.

Chrysalis Notification Services monitors every outbound call in order to determine whether or not the call is successful. If a call fails, another attempt is scheduled for another time. Text messages and emails are very efficient since they can be reviewed at the recipient’s convenience. As a bonus, more detailed information such as a url of a mobile web page can be included.

Transferring Outbound Calls to the Contact Center with Screen Pop

No matter whether the Chrysalis Notification Service is cloud-based or premise-based, calls can be transferred to a local or remote call center. Calls transferred to live agents can be delivered with screen pops using optional CTI software provided by Chrysalis.

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