Caller Elected Callback

Offer your callers the option to receive a callback with Caller Elected Callback solutions from Chrysalis.

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Empower callers

Your customers will appreciate having an alternative to waiting on the phone for the next available agent. Offering Caller Elected Callback is a great way to improve satisfaction and show customers you value their time. Give callers the option of receiving a callback as soon as possible – without losing their place in queue – or empower them to pick a timeframe that is more convenient. The result is that your customer has a better experience and a more favorable opinion of your company, which in turn reduces agent stress from having to interact with unhappy customers.

Increase efficiency

Callback options help contact centers better balance service goals with operational goals. Minimize hold times to reduce telco costs, repeat callers, abandoned calls and other negative impacts that result from unexpected increases in traffic.

Maximize your workforce

Scheduling callbacks during less busy times of the day enables the contact center to better align resources with customer needs.  Smooth out peak call volumes and reduce contact center staffing requirements. Increase agent productivity and shorten handle times by using information collected in the IVR to intelligently route the callback to the best agent.  Then further improve response by arming that agent with a display of relevant customer data.

High Touch vs High Efficiency

Chrysalis offers two CECB solutions. The one that’s right for you depends on the equipment in your contact center and how you prefer to handle your callers. The choice is yours.

With CECB High Touch, your customer is called back by a live agent who can immediately service their needs. This requires more agent time than CECB High Efficiency, since the agent launches the callback, confirms the caller’s identity, and determines whether the contact must be re-queued and re-launched at a later time.

With CECB High Efficiency, the call doesn’t reach an agent until the caller is on the line and ready to interact. This is clearly more efficient from the contact center’s point of view, since the caller is first reached by an automated system. However, they may have to wait a short time in queue for the agent.

Both products use contact center real time statistics to determine whether hold times warrant offering a callback, typically using media server or IVR ports to announce the option to the caller and collect the callback number. Contact Chrysalis to determine the best solution for your contact center.

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