October 16, 2017

Press Zero for an Agent…or Not

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As Contact Center managers scurry around frantically to keep up with the latest self-service innovations, customers are continuing to do what they always have done…pressing zero until they talk to an agent. It seems, especially in the banking industry, that some people prefer to have a person help them with even the simplest request like finding out their account balance or wondering if that deposit was made.  In the mobile phone business it’s often the same;  people call to find out how many minutes they have left rather than looking it up digitally.

The good news is that there can be a turn-around as far as people’s reliance on the agent if Contact Center administrators really focus on a great customer experience. When consumers try a digital solution and are treated to a successful transaction they start to trust the experience and will be more apt to use a self-service solution the next time they need to do some business.

IVR Frustration

The traditional IVR can be trying to our patience these days. Option trees pose a real challenge as you have to make as many as 4 or 5 different selections before you even get to the place you need to be to enter your personal info. And sometimes you end up circling back to the main menu a couple of times. Your very last option in the option tree is always “If you want to speak to an agent…” and when you do speak to someone it’s often in the wrong department – so you have to be transferred and sometimes made to wait again.

Good Customer Experience

There is no real trick to providing the best customer service. Whether you offer self-service or an agent, you just need to develop a path to a clear, efficient, user-friendly interaction that leaves the customer feeling satisfied and positive. Chrysalis offers a focused UX Design process designed to enhance each experience a customer has with your company. https://www.chrysalis.net/user-experience-design/

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