Interactive Voice Response

Innovative, cost effective IVR applications for your contact center

Custom and prepackaged solutions developed by seasoned professionals

Chrysalis made its name in this business by developing highly customized applications that suit the specific needs of its customers better, faster, and more cost effectively than anyone in the industry. And we continue to lead the way.  Chrysalis has trained and seasoned engineers that will work with you to design innovative Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications that meet or exceed your business needs. We have a number of prepackaged IVR solutions that can be quickly integrated into your contact center. Chrysalis also has Avaya Certified Specialists who can develop applications on Avaya Aura Experience Portal, Avaya Voice Portal and Nortel MPS voice response platforms.

Chrysalis has trained and certified professionals who are experts on the leading speech recognition platforms. We offer professional services including voice application design and implementation, dialog design, grammar design, usability testing, and application tuning.

A speech-enabled IVR application is on average 14 times less expensive than a live agent! More importantly, it enhances the entire caller experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and more revenue for the enterprise. As a result, the ROI on speech-enabled IVR applications is typically achieved in less than one year.

If you do not have an IVR platform or are in the market for a new one, our sales engineering team can help you make an intelligent selection based on your business needs.

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