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Battle-tested Contact Center Professionals

Chrysalis has fully trained and certified specialists for Avaya Aura Contact Center and Avaya Contact Center Select, ready to support upgrades from earlier Nortel Networks Contact Center releases as well as new implementations.

Chrysalis also has the most experienced Avaya Aura Contact Center specialists in the industry.  Our trained and certified contact center specialists provide design, installation, and implementation services for the full suite of Avaya Aura Contact Center products.

Chrysalis professional services include:

  • Off-site or on-site discovery as necessary to understand contact center goals, to develop flow charts of the call treatment and to compile the associated customer database.
  • Inputting the customer’s contact center database, including creating all users and configuring and assigning all access classes, call presentation classes, threshold classes, and skillsets.
  • Performing the acquisition of PBX resources on AACC/ACCS.
  • Creating all variables, including the voice prompt variables and voice prompt segments needed by the scripts.
  • Composing and validating all scripts.
  • Integrating the AACC/ACCS with the IVR application, if needed.
  • Performing custom development with AACC/ACCS Host Database Exchange (HDX).
  • Testing the AACC/ACCS Administration and Scripting and modifying as necessary.
  • Assisting the customer in setting up initial real-time displays.
  • Assisting the customer in turning the application into production.
  • On-site training for the customer on the most important setup, configuration, and contact center management tools, including how to add users, how to change skillset assignments, how to change thresholds, how to modify access classes, etc.
  • On-site training for the customer on configuring and/or modifying existing real-time displays, as well as how to interpret real-time displays.
  • On-site training for the customer on accessing, printing, and scheduling standard and user-defined reports.
  • On-site training for the customer on the most critical components of the scripts so that they will have a general understanding of the logic and of the key variables.
  • Providing the customer with a document summarizing their Contact Center configuration and outlining the basics of the content of their training session.
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