Cloud Migration
November 30, 2017

Journey to the Cloud

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If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Moving your contact center to the cloud is logical, sensible, forward thinking and the right thing to do. But actually going through the process is another story. Just the thought of all of the little details that have to be considered makes it scary and daunting. But we’ve developed a White Paper that can improve your whole attitude towards the process. It has 10 really good suggestions on how to tackle the migration of a contact center to the cloud. Check it out here:

Here are a few of the highlights included in the report.

Assess Your Existing Technology and Business Objectives

It seems obvious but is often overlooked. A really good analysis of what you have now in your contact center can go a long way towards keeping your costs down and reducing the turmoil of application changes. An inspection of your current system can sort through the add-ons, work-arounds and complicated routing structures that seemed to make sense when they were installed but are no longer viable. Getting it all down on paper will set you on your way to making improvements, probably with some obvious efficiencies becoming apparent.

Develop a Migration Road Map

Just as you would plan out a multi-day road trip for a vacation – with places you would stop at night and various sites you would pause to visit – the journey of your contact center to the Cloud needs to be plotted out and scheduled. A phased approach is strongly suggested with testing at regular intervals so that success is built on success. Fewer big “surprises” would be likely.

Implement, Evaluate and Support

With your solid implementation plan in place, the phased migration to the cloud should proceed in a somewhat trouble free manner. And once up and running, your strategy to gauge, measure and understand how your customers are interacting with the new system can prove that it is operating the way you intended. Ongoing support, including assistance after you have the obvious parts working smoothly, is an integral part of the entire package.

Migrating an existing contact center to the cloud can be a challenging project with many moving parts. For a more detailed account, including 10 specific tips to guide your way, download the White Paper, The Journey of Contact Center Cloud Migration: 10 Keys to Success.