August 30, 2017

Caller Elected Callback in the Contact Center

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Are you one of those people that gets frustrated just 10 seconds into waiting on hold for customer service so you just hang up? Well, join the crowd. Statistics show that over 60% of Contact Center customers feel that even one minute of hold time is too long! That abandoned call is certainly not a good business strategy. No one wins – not the customer who will remember the bad experience or the company.

Contact Center supervisors try to plan for the bursts of call traffic that can erupt during different times of the day but even the most careful scheduling cannot cover every scenario. Different techniques are used to try to soothe the waiting caller: a choice in the type of hold music, self-service options, estimated wait time announcements etc. However, it appears that there is no better way to handle this situation than offering the opportunity to have a Contact Center agent call the customer back.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The average American will be on hold for a total of 43 days during their lifetime. Contact Center callers appreciate having an alternative to waiting on the phone for the next available agent. They are empowered by being offered a choice to the seemingly endless minutes wasted while on hold. A customer who takes control of the situation by requesting a callback is much less likely to be find the transaction unpleasant – so the customer experience is remembered as a good one.

Caller Elected Callback is the Solution

Offering Caller Elected Callback is a great way to turn around a bad situation. A caller who sits listening or music or hears a message warning of long hold times will likely feel aggravated and frustrated. A smart Contact Center can turn that around – offering a callback changes the dynamics completely by giving the caller the power to decide.

Chrysalis Software offers 2 Caller Elected Callback solutions. The one that’s right for your business depends on the equipment in your Contact Center and how you prefer to handle your callers. Please check our website for further information.   Or contact us to find out more about how to drastically reduce caller abandonment levels and improve customer satisfaction.