Artificial Intelligence
January 12, 2018

Artificial Intelligence – Keep Customers in the Center of the Story

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Clearly, there are opportunities to increase automation and provide higher quality and more life-like self-service solutions for IVR, text and chat interactions.  But in all cases, there is still a person involved in the process – the end customer.   For Chrysalis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about people.

AI is becoming the new consumer expectation.  Technology that was originally developed for entertainment, science and gaming has crossed over into our everyday reality.  The question for us is:  how do we work with this customer enthusiasm for AI in our business of communications?

Customer Experience

AI and the contact center make a good combination, especially when blended to help make the user experience better.  Working off of our extensive Avaya knowledge base, Chrysalis is focusing on how AI can intersect within 3 key areas in the contact center.

  1. Effortless Self-Service – extend bot-based interaction capabilities
  2. Smart Routing – expand use of interaction history and incorporate customer sentiment to pinpoint customer routing strategies
  3. Boost agent production – provide proactive guidance and suggestions for next steps to customers across voice, video, chat, email and messaging channels
Keeping People in the Center

The ultimate goal for utilizing AI in the contact center is to increase the positive nature of the customer experience.  We need to make sure that AI is non-threatening, unobtrusive and convenient to use and is a technology which helps the customer rather than aggravates them.  An effective communication interface is intuitive.  Remembering that the best customer service requires the right mix of technology and human sensation keeps the customer right where they need to be – right smack in the center of it all.

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